Students Encouraged to SCORE Big This Year!

11 Oct Students Encouraged to SCORE Big This Year!

Yesterday, the Sixers Youth Foundation launched the 2017 – 2018 SCORE program with an audience of more than 150 students at the William Dick School in North Philadelphia. The high energy kick-off led by the Sixers Dunk Squad and members of the William Dick staff, set the stage by leading middle schoolers through a series of videos and demonstrations on expectations for the school year.

SCORE, a signature program of the Foundation, is designed to work in partnership with schools’ existing efforts to foster students development and display of healthy attitudes and behaviors during school time. Based off of the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework, the SCORE program rewards students for their positive behaviors through an exciting and unique set of Sixers items and experiences that were identified by a focus group of students, teachers and PBIS teams. From autographed memorabilia, to Sixers “gear”, to visits and lunch parties with the Sixers Dunk Squad, to a few other “surprise” experiences, students as well as teachers and school leaders will have a chance to SCORE.

Students participating in the program also receive a personal journal to track their SCORE points earned, as well as their water intake, exercise, eating and sleeping habits. Complementing the journal and incentives are a series of educational videos highlighting important lessons around healthy habits, as well as a series of lesson plans that will be made available on the Sixers Youth Foundation website.

William Dick is one of five schools participating in SCORE across Philadelphia and Camden, and will serve more than 1,100 middle school age students this year. Amy Hever, the Sixers Youth Foundation Executive Director stated, “There are so many powerful skills that can be learned through sport. SCORE is an innovative way to support schools, principals, teachers and students in ways that are meaningful, fun and engaging. We are very excited to support our next generation of leaders through this unique program, and the potential to expand it to even more young scholars next year.”

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