Sixers Youth Foundation Tips Off SCORE Program

12 Oct Sixers Youth Foundation Tips Off SCORE Program

Students from HB Wilson in Camden, New Jersey launched this year’s SCORE program in a unique way with a nutrition lesson taught by Philadelphia 76ers Executive Chef JaeHee Cho.

Fifteen students in total, ranging from grades six through eight, visited IBX Live in Center City Philadelphia on October 10 where they received an interactive and hands-on nutrition lesson focused on eggs and the role they can play in their diet.

The lesson helped launched the Sixers Youth Foundation’s SCORE program, which stresses the importance of healthy and positive behaviors, while also supporting students’ social and emotional development.

After the students and Chef Cho got to know one another through a few group icebreakers, they turned their attention to eggs; an item Chef Cho often uses when he prepares meals for members of the 76ers roster.

During the lesson, topics such as the anatomy of an egg, the nutritional value of an egg, the proper way to cook an egg, and the way in which 76ers players like their eggs served were all discussed.

The real fun came however when the students were taught eggs are not as fragile as they may think. They learned this when they each individually had the opportunity to stand on top of two dozen eggs with none of them breaking.

The SCORE program will be instituted into several schools throughout the cities of Camden and Philadelphia this school year and serve over 1,100 middle school students.  This signature program of the Foundation, is designed to work in partnership with schools’ existing efforts to foster student’s development and display of healthy attitudes and behaviors during school time. Based off of the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework, the SCORE program rewards students for their positive behaviors through an exciting and unique set of Sixers items and experiences.  From autographed memorabilia, to Sixers “gear”, to visits and lunch parties with the Sixers Dunk Squad, to a few other “surprise” experiences, students as well as teachers and school leaders will have a chance to SCORE.


Students participating in the program also receive a personal journal to track their SCORE points earned, as well as their water intake, exercise, eating and sleeping habits.  Complementing the journal and incentives are a series of educational videos highlighting important lessons around healthy habits, as well as a series of lesson plans that will be made available on the Sixers Youth Foundation website.

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