Sixers Youth Foundation, La Liga Celebrate Summer Tip-Off

23 Jun Sixers Youth Foundation, La Liga Celebrate Summer Tip-Off

On June 17, La Liga del Barrio tipped off its Summer Basketball League with a fun-filled event. The event started with Governor Tom Wolf addressing La Liga’s student-athletes and their parents discussing Schools that Teach, one of his three budget priorities.

The program also included Sixers legend, World B. Free, the Sixers Dunk Squad presented by Dunkin’ Donuts, La Liga del Barrio Founder, Former Councilman Angel L. Ortiz, and Ms. Luz Colon, Executive Director of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Latino Affairs.


This event emceed by Philly’s Power 99, Mina Say What featured a short scrimmage between La Liga del Barrio student-athletes ages 12-14 against the Philadelphia Police Department’s basketball team, the Philly PD Ballers (part of La Liga’s efforts to bridge the communication gap between the Police and Community).

Highlights of the event included World B. Free teaching Governor Wolf how to make a lay-up and Jose Ortiz, a former La Liga Del Barrio student being awarded a plaque with his retired jersey and continuous commitment to the league. Jose now plays professionally in Mexico. This is a testament of how connections between school and sports can help advance the concepts of sports based youth development and educational excellence

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