Families Brought Together After School Through Sixers Youth Foundation’s Coaching Cafe

17 Nov Families Brought Together After School Through Sixers Youth Foundation’s Coaching Cafe

37 members of the Emlen Elementary community came together on November 16 all in the name of family fun as part of the Sixers Youth Foundation’s Coaching Café program.

This program brings students and their families together bi-weekly for 30 – 60 minutes of physical activity conducted by Up2Us, 60 minutes of Sixers Math Hoops, all followed by a healthy meal.

During the physical activity portion of the program, the parents and their children took part in a number basketball-related activities ranging from layup lines to a three-point shooting competition.

Once everyone burned off their energy, all 37 members in attendance, which included some of the students’ siblings, made their way to one of Emlen’s classrooms where it was time for 60 fun-filled minutes of Sixers Math Hoops.

During this portion of the program, the student-parent teams went head-to-head. One matchup in particular was even a highly anticipated rematch from a previous Coaching Café session. From the opening tip to the final buzzer, the energy could be felt throughout the room with both the students and the parents showing their excitement for the fast-paced, math-based board game through celebratory cheers and dances.

When the final buzzer sounded and Sixers Math Hoops concluded for the day, the students and parents had the opportunity to spend the remaining time together over dinner. Each student, parent, and sibling in attendance received a meal consisting of grilled chicken, a side of sweet potatoes, and asparagus.

As everyone ate their meal, students could be overheard expressing how much they enjoyed the healthy options. “Oh this is actually really good,” one student said.

The Sixers Youth Foundation’s Coaching Café program is implemented in two Philadelphia schools this school year. Along with Emlen Elementary, Warren G. Harding Middle School also partakes in the program.

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